We would like to thank our current and previous clients for their kind permission to publish their testimonials.  Some details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.


Therapy for Children & Young People


'M' is much better now. Her problems started during lockdown, preceded by a traumatic event. Her diet has improved, and she is happier at school. Thanks for all you did for her.” (M, 11 year old girl, Trauma, Eating Disorder, Anxiety, Low Confidence, 7 sessions)


'R' enjoyed his sessions and has since made excellent progress at school. We can talk about problems now and Ralph is more confident and self-assured. He uses the CBT and coaching techniques you taught him for other things (including deciding on university!). Thanks, from us both.” (R, 16 year old boy, Anxiety, Worry, Confidence, problems with Studying following lockdown and family problems)


'G' has found that the skills you taught her have been effective.  If she feels anxious - which is now rare! - she uses them.  Thank you.  (G, 14 year old girl, Anxiety and Panic and Low Confidence, 4 sessions)


The therapy really helped for my exams.  I got 3 B's and I'm now at Leicester doing physics.  Your sessions were brill, thanks so much.  (WB, Studying, 4 sessions and Driving Test, 2 sessions)


We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help you’ve given Katy over the past few months.  She’s shown a massive improvement since she’s been seeing you, and she now feels she wants to see how she proceed ‘on her own’ so to speak.  In an ideal world she’ll continue to make sufficient steady progress that she won’t need to see you again(!).  But if she gets rocky we’ll soon be back in touch.  Once again, thanks for everything.  (JD)


My 9 year old daughter has had several therapy sessions with Carole over the last few years.  We both found that Carole was very easy to talk to and my daughter was very comfortable being left alone with Carole while she had her sessions.  Carole suggested that my daughter bring a cuddly top with her for a comfort and this was made part of the therapy.  Two years on my daughter is still using the techniques she was taught and the CDs that were produced for her.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carole, she helped us as a family a great deal.  (KT) Anxiety, 4 sessions


Katie still has her ups and downs.  Although she does not seem to suffer from as many palpitation attacks.  There are some days when is like her old self – full of a positive attitude. Other days she seems withdrawn.  Hopefully things will keep improving.  (CM) – child Nail biting and lack of confidence, 4 sessions


Nicky has been fine since she saw you eight months ago.  She enjoys listening to the hypnotherapy recordings.  She was much happier on the flight and she now feels that she can control her anxious thoughts.  Thank you.  (N), Age 11, Worry and Anxiety, 5 sessions


Louise is now doing really well.  She has not had any attacks of anxiety and did really well in her exams.  She also passed her driving test on the first attempt, and is back to her usual self.  (L), Age 16, Anxiety and panic, 4 sessions (referred by her GP)


Jo is now doing so well since you helped her.  Her phobia has completely gone and she can now do things I never thought she would.  Thank you so much from both of us.  (J), Age 11, long standing Phobia, 4 sessions


Edward found the hypnotherapy really helpful for his insomnia and he also feels more relaxed. (Edward), Age 12, Stress and Insomnia, 3 sessions


Holly is doing really well.  Her phobia has disappeared and she is now the proud owner of a puppy!  (Holly), Age 8, Cynophobia, 3 sessions


I feel better than I have done in years!  (Russ), EMDR, Childhood Trauma, 4 sessions


J completed all his exams successfully.  He believes the sessions he had and the techniques he learned really helped.  Thank you.  (J), aged 16, exam anxiety, 4 sessions


I am now at University, everything is going well.  Thank you for your help.  (A), age 17, anxiety and panic, 7 sessions


Ruth has made amazing progress.  As you know, she was unable to attend school due to severe anxiety, panic and OCD.  Although she had attended counselling twice her situation was, if anything, worse, and she stopped seeing friends.  Her sleep and appetite were suffering.  She is now back to the Ruth we we all knew and loved. If anything, more confident and outgoing.  Her school are very impressed with your work and we cannot thank you enough.  (Ruth), aged 12, anxiety and OCD, 8 sessions


Evan is doing really well.  He is now attending his new school and has made new friends.  His exam results were amazing.  (Evan), aged 12, bullying and worry, 3 sessions.


Rory found the sessions useful.  He has used the techniques when he attends hospital and is much calmer.  (Rory), aged 11, anxiety and needle phobia, 4 sessions.


Just wanted to let you know that G was brilliant today.  He said he was not frightened at all and I was nearly in tears when his friends mum told me she had seen this.  The things you have both worked on seem to have had a sudden and amazing effect to get him to that today.  Thank you so much.  (GB), aged 8, phobia, 3 sessions


Laura had a real phobia of dogs that we thought was here to stay. She became hysterical if she saw a dog without a lead. She was very anxious abut hypnosis but after 3 sessions we took her with us to choose a puppy, Bella, who she loves to bits. Her phobia has gone. Thank you Carole, from all of us. (Laura), aged 13, dog phobia, 3 sessions


Ben was  lifelong bed wetter. He was unable to visit friends and he was anxious about anyone finding out he was taking daily medication. He responded really well to hypnotherapy. After to listening to Carole's recordings he was able to stop medication and six months later, he has only had 2 'accidents'. (Ben), aged 12, bed wetting, 3 sessions




Therapy for Adults


I enjoyed the hypnosis and feel more positive. I visited my GP regarding medication as I would like to cut down. I may be back to see you for weight loss! (M, Anxiety, Worry and Depression)


I found the therapy life changing.  Unable to relax, and unable to travel and all that is associated with travel.  I now have no worries and take things in my stride.  I have flown on quite a number of occasions without any problems.  I still use the recordings but only because I find them relaxing.  I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me and would definitely recommend you.  (JH, Fear of flying)


I am trying to find the words to explain how you helped me.  If it wasn't for my friend making me look for a therapist and then coming to see you I am convinced I would have committed suicide.  The only thing that kept me going was my children and those early sessions with you.  I can't even think about what might have happened if I hadn't broken that cycle of anxiety.  I am deeply in gratitude to you for all your help.  Thank you.  (HD, Anxiety and depression, 10 sessions)


After a traumatic experience at the dentist when I was about 12 years of age I was left with an unreasonable fear of anything to do with the dentist.  Although I did make myself attend regularly, it was always something I dreaded, and was beginning to dominate my life. At the age of 67, after having 2 major operations with hardly any nerves, I decided that enough was enough and following a recommendation , I came to see Carole.  I have had 4 session, knowing that I needed to return to my very understanding dentist soon for treatment.  Thank you Carole, the treatment was very straightforward and you are very easy to talk to.  I confess I couldn't see how it would help, but now I see I should have done this years ago.  I had a very large filling and a scale and polish which before the treatment was one of my worst nightmares, and although I was a little nervous, I felt calm and didn't even grip the chair arms.  My dentist was amazed!  Its never going to be my favourite thing but now I feel able to cope, and my husband commented that my stress levels at the dentist were now around normal.  Thanks again.  (K, Phobia of the dentist, 4 sessions)


I would like to thank Carole for all her help with my anxiety and the frequent urge to go to the toilet.  I was unable to travel long distances and the thought of any journey would make me panic.  Thanks to Carole and a combination of hypnosis and coping techniques I no longer fear travelling and can get on with everyday life without the constant worry.  Thanks.  (R, Anxiety, 5 sessions)


I love what Carole Wan has done for me.  I came to her with PTSD and Post Natal depression.  I was struggling to connect with anyone around me including my toddler and I was ready to make a change.  The EMDR deeply affected me and I was able to deal with a number of issues.  It only took three or four sessions before I felt completely well again.  Now I'm more relaxed and happy in every area of my life.  (MB, PTSD, 5 sessions)


I found our sessions very useful on a number of levels, firstly as a way of having relaxed 'me time' during my pregnancy.  The sessions often left me feeling very relaxed and making time to listen to the session recordings between our appointments allowed me not only to practice the relaxation techniques but also meant I had to bring some time out of my day to lie down and switch off - brilliant!  The sessions certainly also helped me into the mindset of 'bring it on'  I'm ready for this challenge to see what my body can do!  (TS, Pregnancy and childbirth, 6 sessions)


“I did find the therapy useful in treating the IBS symptoms brought on by stress” (SB, IBS)


“Just a quick note to say that I have successfully completed my long haul flight to and from New York!  I was tense on the outward bound flight, it took me a couple of hours to relax and I used my ipod to listen to my hypnotherapy sessions for those 2 hours, kept them playing in the background as I worked on a crossword, read my book etc – the sessions playing in my ears kept me focused and breathing normally.  The return flight was even better, I did not need the ipod at all and even managed to doze off for a while.  I’m so pleased I was able to take a long haul flight again, thank you again for your help and encouragement.  I feel a real sense of achievement and will continue to keep the 4 sessions on my ipod for future use”.  (Anon, fear of flying)


I found the therapy, life changing. Unable to relax, and unable to travel and all that is associated with travel, I now have no worries and take things in my stride. I have flown on quite a number of occasions without any problems. I still use the tapes, but only because I find them relaxing. I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me and would definitely recommend you. (JH, Anxiety)


I found the therapy sessions very valuable. They certainly helped me to relax and talk to you about anything and everything. I would highly recommend the sessions to people. I still listen to the recordings occasionally when I am feeling a bit down, they help me to relax but I must say that I am finding the need for them less and less which is testament to you and your professional manner. (C)


The flight went well in the end, although I was very anxious in the 24 hours leading up to the outbound journey.  I even quite enjoyed it in parts, flying over the Alps becomes a wonderful experience when you are not in a state of panic.  (D)  Fear of flying, 4 sessions


I did find the consultations beneficial and feel I have made sufficient subsequent progress to hopefully not need further therapy.  (S)  Stress and sexual problems, 5 sessions


 Though I won’t be coming to see you anymore I just wanted to say thanks for all your help.  You really have changed and helped me with many aspects of my life and I couldn’t have done it without you!  (K)


I am trying to find the words to explain how you helped me.  If it wasn’t for my friend making me look for a hypnotherapist and then coming to see you I am convinced I would have committed suicide.  The only thing that kept me going was my children and those early sessions with you.  I can’t even think about what might have happened if I hadn’t broken that cycle of anxiety.  I am deeply in gratitude to you for all your help.  Thank you.  (HDAnxiety and depression, 10 sessions


Since starting treatment I have gradually been able to cope better with my problem.  My sincere thanks to Carole Wan.  (anon)


You gave me the chance to moan without feeling guilty!  The sessions made me take time out for myself and gave me strategies for dealing with stress and anger.  Telling close relative that I was seeing you made them realise how desperate for help I felt and they tried to be more supportive.  I could trust you and ‘offload’.   I will hang on to your phone number just in case.  (anonStress, 5 sessions


I felt that throughout the sessions with your support I was guided into dealing with negative past issue.  The sessions have been a success, they have enabled me to acknowledge and deal with my own stressors, and with techniques you taught me I am better equipped to deal with stressful events.  My self awareness and confidence has grown and I now have the ability to pursue my goals and career path.  I feel able to move forward with greater enthusiasm.  Thank you for your support, you were extremely professional and empathic which enabled me to open up and feel comfortable in your presence.  (CMPresentation skills and stress, 6 sessions


Things have been much improved since addressing my problem.  Carole’s sessions coupled with removing caffeine from my drinks seems to have made a significant change or, more precisely, allowed me to change.  I think the eye movement technique was especially useful and I’ve used it with my son who too has a bad temper.  Certainly life in our household has improved greatly over the last few months; this due significantly to my sessions with Carole.  (TLAnger, 6 sessions


Many thanks.  I listen to your tapes every day – they’re a part of my life which help me so much.  I can certainly say that meeting you made things better! (AnonStress, 6 sessions


It helped me improve my relaxation techniques and talking about my problem helped me understand them better.  (PLDepression and borderline personality disorder, 8 sessions


I went from a very stressed, depressed person to someone who can now cope quite easily.  I have learnt not to get stressed so quickly.  My irritable bowel is vastly improved.  I don’t seem so tired and I passed my driving test – this I would never done without my tapes and your help.  Many thanks.  (V) Stress and depression, 4 sessions


I can certainly take various ‘stressors’ in my stride.  It has been noticed by my daughter that I don’t adversely react to situations as I used to.  (BMStress and marital problems, 8 sessions


It helped me to understand myself better i.e. that I fall into the category of ‘black and white thinkers’ and as such find it difficult to look for alternative outcomes when my first instinct / reaction seems so right.  It helped me to see my husband’s point of view and understand the reasons why people do things.  It also helped me to realise that everything that happened before we met can be ‘thrown away’ as it shouldn’t have any bearing on our lives now.  Leave the past behind and look to the future.  That’s what I’m trying to do now.  Occasionally I feel a bit down for short periods but instead of getting angry, as before, I turn to my husband for comfort and it’s so much better.  The relaxation methods and tapes also help to relax me.  Thank you.  (ARelationship issues, 6 sessions


The treatment was very helpful and has given me confidence to be able to go back to enjoying my life.  (anonStress and panic attacks, 6 sessions


I feel more confident and positive in my driving and in my person.  I’m equipped to manage certain things.  Techniques used in the sessions have been transferred into my everyday life – challenging negative thinking about driving and life in general.  (anonAnxiety and panic, 4 sessions


This is a very big thank you.  You have been a very big part of my life over the last few months and through your tapes I have at home, you will continue to be so.  Like anyone, I was very apprehensive about trying anything new and different, but decided that I could no longer carry on the way I was, my life was a mess.  I felt like I couldn’t cope anymore and I hardly ever went out.  So hypnotherapy for me was the only way forward so I decided to give it a go.  I found you to be very reassuring, caring and a sensitive person and you really put me at my ease.  I felt like I could share all my problems and worries with you.  Hypnosis was the best thing I have ever done, even after the first session I noticed a big difference and so did my family and friends.  I’m now a more confident person than I was this time last year, thanks again to you.  I can also arrange to go out weeks in advance without fearing that I’m going to be ill.  I still some bad days, but I use my coping strategies on my tapes to help me, especially my breathing.  I’m determined to stick with my tapes every day, and not go back to the person I was 12 months ago.  Once again I can’t thank you enough.  I will certainly keep in touch and let you know how I’m getting on.  The reassuring thing is knowing that you are only a phone call away.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  (SMIBS, 7 sessions


It has been quite a few months since I first had treatment and since this time my eczema has improved considerably.  I feel that the treatment enabled me to relax and visualise my body without eczema and therefore helped to calm it down.  Before the treatment I had lots of eczema and irritation on my neck and this is now completely gone.  I have also recently taken my GCSEs and for the most part the itching was under control.  (anonEczema, 3 sessions


The hypnotherapy sessions I went too really helped me deal with  an anxiety and stress problem I had developed. Carole made me feel really comfortable and like I could talk to her about anything and she would then relate to this in the hypnotherapy session to help me deal with the issue. I noticed a difference in myself after a couple of sessions and saw Carole for about 8 sessions in total. She taught me different techniques to help me deal with the anxiety and stress so I could do these myself when needed. I would really recommend hypnosis to anyone who has anxiety, stress, or any other problems as it really did help me and I am very thankful to Carole for helping me out of a difficult place.  (DD), Stress and Anxiety


Last week I had to do a talk to 30-40 colleagues, consultants etc.  Although I had been dreading the talk all week, minutes before I was about to get up the anxiety subsided and my speech went excellently without any nervousness at all.  Thank you for your help.  (JD), Public Speaking


Just to let you know that since I visited you six years ago for hypnotherapy to stop smoking I have never touched a cigarette, cigar etc since, nor have I had the urge to smoke even when around people who do.  Once again, a big thank you.  (DW), Smoking Cessation


I was suffering from burnout and possibly depression and didn't know where to turn to, when my GP recommended I see Carole.  Carole's experience and her many skills - and the ability to tune into an individual's needs is fantastic.  She was able to draw from many different tools to tailor the sessions - just perfect for me.  I am very fortunate to have met Carole at a crucial time in my life and I am very grateful for her help.  I still go back and listen to the recorded sessions as and when I need them - when life and work may just get a bit stressful for my wellbeing.  Thank you Carole. (BH), Anxiety and depression


I'm pleased to report some significant progress using the techniques you taught me.  Thank you so much for the part you have played in helping me to control my fear.  I don't panic when taking flights and have booked more holidays as a consequence.  (DL), Fear of flying, 4 sessions


Thank you for all your help.  I feel a lot more in control and now have the tools to help when I start feeling that I may panic.  (R), Panic attacks


My sessions with you were unbelievably successful, to the point that I walked into theatre for the c section without my husband and didn't feel the slightest bit anxious or scared.  Getting my little girl here safely is the best present anyone could have ever given me, thank you so, so much.  She is such a calm baby and an absolute joy, and all down to you helping me through it.  I tell everyone who will listen what you have done for me and I can't recommend you enough.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (AD), Childbirth and anxiety



Thank you for everything.  My stress has greatly reduced and I feel so much more relaxed.  (William), Work related Stress and Anxiety, 6 sessions


Things have improved and I feel my life has finally moved forward.  You've been a great help and I am now free of my problems.  (Tom), Panic Attacks, 6 sessions


I'm pleased to tell you that I am feeling much better.  I don't take any medication now and I feel positive about life. I still listen to my recordings and will continue to do so.  I found you incredibly helpful and professional in your approach when I felt that I couldn't go on, I really believe that you saved my life.  I'm so grateful.  (Gerry), Depression and Anxiety, 6 sessions


Thank you for all your help.  The business coaching worked better than I expected and I use the skills you taught me on a daily basis.  (RT), Coaching, 3 sessions


After experiencing so much trauma I was doubtful this could be eradicated.  However, EMDR did the trick, almost miraculous.  Three months down the like I feel like a different man.  I only wish I had sought help earlier.  Thanks Carole.  (D), Trauma, Anxiety, Guilt, Depression, 5 sessions


 You have been a great help in dealing with my problems.  I have done many things I previously thought I was unable to.  (G), anxiety and phobias, 5 sessions


I found the therapy invaluable.  I use the recordings regularly.  My anxiety and insomnia are SO much better.  I have recommended two friends already!  You were worth every penny!  Depression and anxiety, 5 sessions.


Excellent results all round. Any anxiety was controlled and my interview went well, I was offered the job! My phobia is now just a dislike. (Will), performance anxiety and phobia, 3 sessions


The sessions went well and the breathing techniques really helped. I feel that the hypnosis and breaching help in all areas of life and I continue to use them. (Liz), anxiety, 2 sessions over Zoom


Carole really helped to explain how my problems had evolved and how I could change my thinking. She was also able to refer me to a doctor for my menopausal symptoms and, coupled with better sleep (using my hypnosis recording) has greatly improved my life. (Vanessa), anxiety and worry, 3 sessions



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