Carole Wan, Integrative Therapist & Nutritionist


Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy * NLP * Psychotherapy * EMDR * Supervision * Stress & Wellness Management * Nutrition * EFT


I hold an Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition. As a therapist since 1992 I already offer Integrated Psychological Therapy for a range of psychological disorders.  As many of my clients present with disordered eating and problematic diets of all kinds, I now offer nutritional advice and therapy to enhance existing treatments.


Please note that a nutritional therapist is NOT a dietician. Dieticians are regulated by law and often work within a hospital or health-related setting to work within a care team, such as in the case of diabetes, or specialise in education or sport.


Here are some of the conditions I already treat that may benefit from nutritional advice:


ME/CFS/post-viral fatigue (including ‘long covid)


As a previous sufferer from ME/post viral illness I have treated many individuals with a range of effective therapies, including hypnosis, guided imagery, solution-focused psychotherapy, and nutrition


IBS – irritable bowel syndrome


Hypnotherapy is a recommended approach by NICE. In addition to training health professionals in using hypnosis for IBS, Carole also evaluates nutrition and lifestyle to help with a targeted treatment programme.


Disordered Eating


I have worked with both adults and children for many years with a range of disordered eating. This may include anorexia, orthorexia (health obsessive food intake), bulimia, binge eating disorder and ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder). The negative impact of Covid-19 has increased disordered eating due to several factors, including stress, poverty, and isolation


Weight Control


Weight loss is a common presentation when searching for a hypnotherapist. I have developed and trained therapists in my own approach to effective weight loss, SlimSolutions TM.

Dietary and nutritional advice in an integral part of therapy.



There has been a large increase in clients presenting with stress-relating disorders. When the body is under stress, we need a balanced diet. Chronic stress increases cortisol, often leading to weight gain, or supresses appetite, causing weight loss. It is particularly important, along with other stress control strategies, to eliminate stress-causing foods and increase our intake of certain vitamins and minerals.


 Although dietary evaluation and advice can be an integral part of therapy, and is therefore included in my charges, I can also treat individuals who simply want to learn how to support or change their lifestyle, discuss important changes to their current diet or investigate avenues to help children and teens presenting with dietary challenges.


Please email me on or telephone 01246 416544 to discuss treatment options.


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