Relationship Counselling


You don't need to be married or cohabiting to benefit from relationship counselling.  If you are single perhaps you want to feel confident dating, you may have difficulties expressing your needs, or maybe you feel that you keep repeating negative patterns in your relationships. 


If you're married or cohabiting perhaps you miss the way things used to be with your partner, you may feel that communication (or lack of) is an issue within your relationship, you want things to change but you're not sure how and why? 


You may feel that you are in a toxic relationship yet you are having trouble breaking free, or maybe you are just undecided as to whether to leave a particular relationship.


Whatever relationships we have, we all encounter problems occasionally. Sometimes mental health issues such as depression or stress can have a profound effect on close relationships. Redundancy, illness, retirement, infertility treatment, the birth of a child, ageing parents, can all impact on an intimate relationship.


Relationship counselling can help couples resolve conflicts, overcome obstacles, enhance communication and negotiate positive outcomes.


It doesn't matter whether you are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, we see individuals and couples irrespective of their gender and sexuality and will with you to help you find the answers or solutions to the issues that are worrying you.


Depending on your needs and the situation we are able to see individuals on their own or as part of a couple.  Again, depending on the situation, we can undertake sessions with one therapist (male or female) or with both of us together.  It can also be a combination, we will work with you to provide you with the specialist service you require.  We do encourage couples to attend together, however progress can still be made if just one of you attends.  For further information please contact us in confidence.  contact-us.php


Get in touch - phone us now: 01246 416 544


We can help you with

  • Sexual Problems
  • Childbirth Trauma
  • Serious Illness
  • Same sex / heterosexual relationships
  • Infidelity and Trust
  • Post divorce confidence building
  • Self esteem
  • Bereavement
  • Stress and Depression
  • Financial Pressures
  • Communication Issues
  • Family members/issues





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