Current guidelines still encourage online appointments where possible. Here at LifeSolutions we will be offering online sessions only. To help those of you who may be anxious about this form of therapy, please read the following information. If you wish to discuss further, please call our office on 01246 41655.

Your questions answered:

1. How does it work?

During these current restrictions, we are offering a FREE telephone or zoom consultation of 30 minutes. Further consultations would normally be via zoom. My normal consultations last approximately 90 minutes. Zoom sessions are scheduled for 60-90 minutes.

2. What about hypnotherapy?

Personal hypnotherapy sessions will be recorded for you and emailed within 24 hours of your zoom sessions. There is no additional charge for this.

3. Are there any advantages this way?

You can speak from the comfort and safety of your own home. There is no travel involved, so clients can access therapy from literally anywhere in the country – or the world! Young people, who normally make up 50% of our client base, feel comfortable using zoom. If you haven’t used zoom before, it is a user-friendly and cost-free medium. If you prefer Skype sessions, we can also offer this. For most clients with disabilities, this approach makes therapy accessible.

4. Will it work as well as face-to-face therapy?

Zoom therapy is face to face! We can see each other, although is you are particularly uncomfortable with that you can turn your own view off. I (CW) have used Skype supervision for several years so I’m comfortable with that way of working. Rapport is easily created, and clients often feel more relaxed in their own space. A laptop is ideal, but you can use a tablet or phone; just try to prop this up.

5. So what do I do next?

Details and prices can be accessed from our web site. Our office number is 01246 416544. You can also email us on carolewan@icloud.com.

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