Specialists in treating Anxiety Disorders

Specialists in treating Anxiety Disorders

  1. Specialists in treating Anxiety Disorders
  2. Specialists in treating Childhood Issues
  3. Specialists in Relationship Therapy
  4. Therapy for issues that are holding you back
  5. Effective strategies for coping with life
  6. Effective Strategies for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Psychotherapy and Coaching

Carole Wan & Alan Cooper offer a range of integrated psychotherapies to help with anxiety-based problems, trauma and childhood disorders. We are experienced EMDR clinicians, dealing with PTSD, Trauma, Childhood Issues, Post Medical Trauma and more. 


Working with Children since 1992

 A survey published last September by NHS Digital found one in six children in England had a probable mental disorder in 2021 – so what does this mean?

Mental Health does not just mean a diagnosed illness, such as an eating disorder or OCD. It encompasses emotional, behavioural, and psychological well-being. Here at LifeSolutions, Carole has worked with children for 30 years with a wide range of mental health presentations. Most appointments are self (or parent/carer) referral although GP and Consultant recommendations are also made.

Some of the conditions we often deal with are anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, habits, low self-esteem and confidence issues, school refusal, depression, phobias, panic attacks, sleep disorders, addictions, chronic ill health, neurodiversity, PTSD, and IBS.

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We offer face-to-face therapy from our consulting room in Dronfield, close to Sheffield, Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire. For those of you who are unable to attend in person, zoom sessions are also available.

Our therapy is recognised by Westfield Health and Health Shield (please check your employers plan).

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What To Do Now?

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The Legacy of Pandemic Anxiety


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder in the world today. In 2020, almost 300 million people were diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Any major upheaval can cause a rise in anxiety and depression (which are often co-morbid). We have seen this in individual countries, such as the financial crisis that severely impacted Greece. Now we can study the worldwide effect of a global disruption. The impact has particularly affected younger people.

As we gradually revert to ‘normal’ and re-engage in social interaction, it is possible that younger people will feel an increase in anxiety. People in general are feeling exhausted, burned out and mentally unstable. Social anxiety – already a common illness of the young – is on the increase.

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Why We Need to Manage Stress


“Stressed nation: 74% of UK 'overwhelmed or unable to cope' at some point in the past year.”

This was the headline of a following a UK-wide survey commissioned and published by mentalhealth.org.uk in 2022.

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