Life Solutions works with you to treat anxiety disorders since 1992

Life Solutions works with you to treat anxiety disorders since 1992

  1. Life Solutions works with you to treat anxiety disorders since 1992
  2. Life Solutions helps your child reach their full potential
  3. Life Solutions helps with any Relationship issues
  4. Life Solutions helps get your life back on track
  5. Life Solutions offers SlimSolutions weight loss programme
  6. Life Solutions helps you to find your peace of mind

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Psychotherapy

In a world full of stress and pressure, for people of all ages, sometimes help is needed to get your life back on track.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are known to be among the most effective treatment available.

LifeSolutions - getting your life back on track

Life Solutions is our therapy practice run by Carole Wan and Alan Cooper,  offering hypnotherapy and a range of therapeutic treatments and interventions. Our practice is based in Dronfield, near Sheffield, where we have been helping people overcome their problems for over 20 years.

We specialise in anxiety management, relationship counselling and working with children.  If your worry or concern does not fall into this category we are still here to help and experienced in all aspects of therapy and will work with you to control the issue that is bothering you.

During the current Covid 19 crisis we are offering clients online therapy and new clients can now book a FREE 30 minute online or telephone assessment with myself - please click here for details.  Face to face therapy is available from 4th May 2021 - please click here for details.

 Our therapy is recognised by Westfield Health and Health Shield (please check your employers plan).

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What To Do Now?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements without obligation and in the strictest of confidence: contact us 

To read about security of your personal data please click here: gdpr.php 

Help with depression during these difficult times - please click here for download

For information on Trauma, EMDR and post-covid illness please click here


Face to Face Therapy will resume from 4th May 2021 - please click here for more details



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